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We are aware that there is a lot of buzz on social media this past week in the wake of our interview with Jesse Haynes. There are a few things we would like to address about the timeline for Jesse. In the podcast Jesse said that he was not living in Wilson from 2002-2011. However, we would like to correct that statement, and we regret not airing the entire paragraph of what he said which would have put into context what he was talking about. We had multiple conversations with Jesse before we aired his interview and he consistently told us that he did come back to Wilson for a brief period after the Army before moving to Texas. When he stated that he was gone from 2002-2011, Jesse was referring to being away from his brother because even though he did go back to Wilson for a short period of time he was not spending time with Colt and he felt guilty about that. Jesse explains that he didn’t really spend time with Colt until 2013 in the months leading up to Colt’s disappearance.

Jesse has been completely transparent with us about his arrest in 2007. In fact, before we interviewed him for the television show we did a background check on him and saw that the charges against him in 2007 were dismissed. You can see his charges here: https://www1.odcr.com/detail?court=010-&casekey=010-CF++0700225

We asked Jesse about his charge in 2007 in both the television interview and during several phone calls. Jesse told us that he had been arrested after a fight with his girlfriend, he also told us that the charges were dismissed. In our opinion, this domestic incident between Jesse and his former girlfriend is irrelevant to the case of Molly Miller and Colt Haynes. Jesse has always been upfront about his arrests and what his lifestyle was like, he often stated to us that he was ashamed of his addiction to meth and was working towards a life of sobriety.

There is also rumor circulating on social media that Jesse held up the 911 operator at the Healdton Police station during this arrest in 2007. However, this rumor is false, there are no police reports, media reports or eyewitness accounts of Jesse walking into the police station with a weapon at any time. If you look at Jesse’s arrest record the majority of his crimes are drug related and theft. Here are his police records:

Jesse also became a minister in 2017.

Furthermore, a few days ago we received a letter from Chief Huckabee of the Ringling Police Department stating the following: “In 2007, Haynes was in Healdton, Oklahoma when he was arrested for an alleged assault and battery with a dangerous weapon which was later dismissed.   I assisted in the search and discovered him standing in the doorway (foyer) of the police department with a blank stare at the time he was placed into custody.  He stared straight ahead and said nothing as I placed him in wrists restraints.    According to this account by Chief Huckabee, Jesse complied with the arrest and there is no mention about Jesse walking into the police station with a gun, or pointing a weapon at a 911 dispatch operator.

We think that it is unfortunate that Jesse, Colt’s brother, is being publicly slandered in this way. Which is why we will be addressing more of these issues pertaining to Jesse on Episode 52 of Partners in True Crime: Who Killed Molly Miller and Colt Haynes. We do not know who killed Molly or Colt but we do know that there currently is no evidence to prove that Jesse was involved in their disappearance and Jesse has not been arrested for any crime in connection with Molly and Colt. To hear Jesse’s full interview go to our website www.partnersintruecrime.com EPISODE 47 and 48 of WHO KILLED MOLLY MILLER AND COLT HAYNES.

We are also excited to announce that one of the producers from Molly and Colt’s episode of NEVER SEEN AGAIN on Paramount Plus will be joining us in the coming weeks so stay tuned! If you haven’t seen it check it out! Here’s a promo from Paramount. Please note we make a small commission on any sales from this site.


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