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This week on Partners in True Crime The Serial Killer Whisperer Laura Brand describes her experience interviewing Charles Ng, a notorious serial killer convicted of 11 murders and suspected of murdering over fifty victims. Laura has been working with NG for several months, speaking to him over the phone trying to extract information about his missing victims. While we were at San Quentin a few weeks ago, Laura was scheduled to meet with NG, face to face in a cage. The visit was cancelled because there were some rumors that Ng was planning to act out his murder fantasy with Laura and she asked if she could go to see him behind glass instead of in the cage. When her request was denied, Laura hesitated about going into the cage with him. Ng has a psychopathic personality, he becomes very agitated very quickly and he is a skilled martial artist. It’s been several weeks and Laura decided that it was time to go into the cage- if she didn’t she would not be able to extract the information she desperately needs to help find the missing victims.

Rob and Laura work together on San Quentin’s death row and Laura reached out to him about her situation with Ng. Rob agreed to join Laura in the cage with Ng.

Don’t miss this week’s episode 3/8/24 of Partners in True Crime SERIAL KILLER WHISPERER Laura and Rob detail their experience in the cage with Charles Ng.

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