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Never before heard audio recordings are being released this week on PARTNERS IN TRUE CRIME: EPISODE 23 The Serial Killer Whisperer. Laura spent four years interviewing and documenting her conversations with Lawrence Bittaker to help her understand his psychopathy and to get information about missing victims. I have to be honest, this episode was hard for me. I am a victim’s advocate I have been since I was a kid- if someone was being bullied I stood up for them, if there was a person who was being mistreated I would say something, if there was an injustice around me I wanted to rectify it.

When I started producing true crime television shows I had to work hard to be objective about the killer. The injustice of senseless murder was keeping me awake at night and I started becoming involved with victim advocacy. I am acutely aware of the importance of being sensitive to the family of a victim. I have covered some brutal cases over the years and I really don’t enjoy giving killers air time. I find it difficult to even listen to Bittaker’s voice without getting angry but I agreed to release these recordings because I believe that Laura’s work is vital to understanding the mind of a serial killer. My hope is that eventually this research can help us, as a society, recognize the signs of a psychopathic killer before it is too late. There is always a highway of red flags before someone decides to start killing, however, most people are on auto pilot and don’t recognize that a serial killer might be living next door. With awareness comes knowledge and then hopefully prevention.

Laura’s work is vital to not only understanding and recognizing the signs of a serial killer but getting them to open up and give her the vital information that she is looking for: clues to the locations of the missing victims, and how she can find them. It truly is a game of cat and mouse between Laura and the serial killers but she is able to dig in and get the information that she needs to find answers. Don’t miss these chilling tapes the episode drops tomorrow 3.29.24 on www.partnersintruecrime.com.

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