Noah Presgrove
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Highway 81 crosses the red river in Texas and slices through Oklahoma’s tornado alley. The asphalt is battered from the parade of semi-trucks that rumble through as they head North. Other than a few small towns peppering the border there isn’t much to see out here…but on September 4, 2023 a grisly discovery in Terrall a border town with a population just scraping 300 people ignited a media firestorm. At 5:43 am a truck driver was barreling towards the horizon when he noticed something suspicious on the side of the road, at first he thought it might be his imagination, not much to see out here and after driving all night his eyes may have been playing tricks on him but as he passed the object his heart dropped and he slammed on the brakes. Was that a body?? He flipped the semi-truck around and headed back to see two other motorists gathering on the edge of the highway. He hopped out of his truck and approached the lifeless body of 19- year- old Noah Presgrove wearing nothing but a pair of mismatched shoes. The sight of this young man was devastating, his body crumpled into a fetal position, his teeth scattered across the highway and oddly, a pair of shorts were initially in the road. Immediately, the witnesses called 911 and said prayers for the family of this poor boy. The local responders arrived, and Noah’s injuries were so severe that even they were rattled by the sight of him. Everyone prayed and put a sheet over Noah’s body while Oklahoma Highway Patrol officers shut down Hwy 81 in both directions. Noah’s family was alerted that there had been an accident but it would have been impossible for anyone to imagine the extent of his injuries. Law Enforcement initially believes that Noah is the victim of a hit and run but there isn’t much evidence to support this theory. The road is clear from debris, and the lower extremities of Noah’s body were fully in tact. Anyone driving on the highway at the crack of dawn would have been cruising at 65 mph or more and would have had to screech to a halt if they hit him…but yet there were no tire tracks, no cracked glass, and very little on the ground…no one really could say for certainty that this was a hit and run. It wasn’t long before Noah’s family became suspicious that their handsome, bright, funny and kind Noah had been the victim of foul play. After several days of investigating, law enforcement changed Noah’s status to “Suspicious Death” however, the cause was still unknown.

How did this boy end up battered and bruised on the edge of a highway in a town where everyone knew everyone and yet no one seemed to know what happened to him? As the events leading up to Noah’s death unraveled, the case became a tinderbox on social media. Suddenly there were videos and posts of every single thing that happened over the course of the weekend. News articles began picking up the story and true crime fans worldwide began their own investigation spinning theories and rumors about what really happened. It’s not hard to understand why…there were so many questions in this case that still nine months later have not been answered. And it just doesn’t make sense how someone could die at a party. How does that happen? But as we know with our deep dive into the Molly Miller and Colt Haynes case there are a lot of unbelievable murders, deaths and missing persons case in this corner of the world. I have spent a lot of time teetering between Jefferson and Love County, tracing steps, following leads and exploring tips to try and find Molly and Colt over the years and we have met a lot of kind and lovely people which is why I was so struck when I first heard this story. My heart hurts for Noah’s family and friends and I have seen that burning obsession to get justice before…it doesn’t let go easily. What we wanted to understand was the timeline because from all the articles and social media posts, and some have become quite heated, I am still confused on the hours that led to Noah’s death.

On Friday September 1, 2023 Noah was debating on his weekend plans…should he go to Rocklahoma with his Aunt, Uncle and family or should he go with his best friend Jack to Avery Jo’s 22nd birthday party? Noah chose the party that was at Avery Jo’s house just yards from the edge of Highway 81. The party was advertised on snapchat and there were kids from all over the area plus groups from Texas who came by. The party is well documented on social media there are hundreds of posts detailing every hour of the party on snapchat, Facebook and instagram. Even though law enforcement has gathered all of this evidence from party goers the timeline of events leading up to Noah’s death are still convoluted with conflicting accounts of what happened. Some say that Noah got into an argument with the Avery Jo, the girl hosting the party, and then walked off, others say that he took his best friends UTV Side by Side and injured himself while surfing on it…but that story doesn’t really make sense because others said that Noah came back to the house after rolling the UTV and he was all dirty so they gave him a shower and fed him to sober him up and that he went back out after that. Well if that was the case and everyone was awake didn’t anyone follow him out or check on him when he didn’t come back? The distance between the house and the road is not far and apparently there is a clean eyeline from one to the other.

Why was the initial reaction that this was a hit and run when there was no evidence to prove that? How does a popular kid end up dead from blunt force trauma on the side of a highway just yards from the house where all of his friends are partying and no one knows what happened to him? That is suspicious to me and instinctively my spidey sense begins to hum. It’s impossible for me to believe this.

Allegedly, Noah’s best friend Jack took a polygraph and passed. There are stories that Jack and Noah fought early in the evening but according to witnesses this was normal for Noah and Jack they would fight then they would make up but they loved each other like brothers. So what does Jack think happened? According to his interview on News Nation, Jack states that he did not know that Noah was dead until after the semi-truck driver found him and police were called. In the interview, Jack also states that he believes Noah was hit by a semi. Jack also stated very confidently that based on his injuries he does not believe that Noah was beaten to death. Law Enforcement has dismissed the hit and run theory because there is no evidence to back it up.

According to the ME report, Noah suffered blunt force trauma had extensive injuries to his upper body, including 10 broken ribs, serious skull, neck, and spine fractures, internal bleeding, brain and organ damage, and cuts and grazes all over his body. The autopsy also revealed air in both his cranial cavity and spinal cord, extremely rare conditions only caused by massive head trauma. Rumors have been circulating that a golf club may have been involved but as of today there are no updates on this theory. Posts on social media from friends who saw Noah at his funeral also agreed that it looked as if Noah had been beaten up.

Why is it that the social media posts that were chirping all weekend suddenly went silent in the hours before Noah died. There are so many conflicting stories about when Noah flipped the UTV side by side? Why? What was Noah allegedly arguing with the host of the party about just hours before his death? Why did someone post on social media that Noah is missing at 3:41 am if no one knew that he was missing? There are plenty of videos circulating showing girls drawing on Noah’s body but when he was found many of those markings were allegedly gone. How did Noah’s shorts end up near his body and not on his body but his shoes were on? Everyone knows everyone in this town and it’s clear to me that people at that party know what happened to Noah. Even if this was an accident someone must have saw something, heard something or did something. My question is if someone at that party knows what happened to Noah why aren’t they saying what happened?

Desperate for answers, Noah’s family hired private investigators to conduct their own investigation into Noah’s death. As of recently, the FBI has taken over the case which is good news and within time the truth will reveal itself…it always does. Partners in True Crime is doing a deep dive into this case. Don’t miss EPISODE 1 of WHAT HAPPENED TO NOAH PRESGROVE?

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