WHAT DID HE SAY? Paula and Misty return to the WHO KILLED MOLLY MILLER AND COLT HAYNES? podcast to discuss their thoughts on Jesse’s interview

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When 17 -year old Molly Miller went missing on July 8, 2013, her family immediately jumped into action and they were surprised to learn that she was with 21 year old Colt Haynes. Over the years, Paula and Misty have pushing law enforcement and the media to help them get answers. Colt’s family has been relatively quiet in comparison, and although Misty and Paula have spoken to Colt’s sister Monique sporadically over the years. Paula did meet Jesse, Colt’s older brother, once in the past decade at a prayer vigil but they have had very little contact with the rest of the Haynes clan.

On Episode 47 https://p.podderapp.com/1794982497/traffic.megaphone.fm/TNM4375202104.mp3?updated=1709151220 and Episode 48 https://p.podderapp.com/1794982497/traffic.megaphone.fm/TNM5298327955.mp3?updated=1709747036 we have an exclusive interview with Colt’s older brother. Jesse Haynes speaks for the first time publicly about his brother’s disappearance. After hearing his interview, Paula and Misty were surprised to learn new information and to finally get some insight into the Haynes family history and the players around Colt in the days leading up to his disappearance. Episode 49 is part 1 https://p.podderapp.com/1794982497/traffic.megaphone.fm/TNM1553120433.mp3?updated=1710349683 with Misty and Paula and Episode 50 https://p.podderapp.com/1794982497/traffic.megaphone.fm/TNM3719690388.mp3?updated=1710952590 is Part 2. Don’t miss it!

Don’t miss the Up and Vanished Episode on Paramount Plus Never Seen Again

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