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Season 1 of the Partners in True Crime podcast http://www.partnersintruecrime.com took a deep dive into the tragic disappearance of Molly Miller and Colt Haynes. It is one of the most upsetting cases that I have ever worked on and it’s hard to shake it. The premise sounds like something out of a horror film: Three friends go out to party in rural Oklahoma…instead, they end up in a high speed chase with police and disappear into the woods. One comes home alive and the other two are never seen again. What? It’s terrifying. When we first read about the case we thought… well the woods must have taken them, I mean we grew up with Stephen King movies anything can happen in the woods! But, as we took a closer look into the case what we found was much more sinister than any imaginary monster living in the woods.

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Conn Nipp, Molly Miller, Colt Haynes

Rob (my husband, co-host and producing partner) and I were producing the television series Up and Vanished

When I met Paula in 2019, you could still see the spark of fire in her eye even though it had been six years since Molly and Colt disappeared and you could tell that she was tired. Paula had been working on this case as a civilian day and night for six long years and she needed help. Paula is a 100 percent bad ass and I was completely impressed with how she operated. This woman is so driven to find Molly that she would not think twice about getting in a truck with a convicted felon to have him take her to a remote location where he might have heard that there was a chance maybe Molly had been taken there. Paula is only 5’2 inches tall and probably about 110 pounds but don’t let the size fool you she is fearless and will bulldoze anyone who gets in her way. We also met Misty, Molly’s other cousin and she is exactly the same- fearless. Misty has no problem getting in anyone’s face asking the hard questions if she thinks that you have the answer she is looking for. Wouldn’t you do the same if you were looking for a loved one? Had it not been for the efforts of Paula, Misty and other family members of Molly and Colt this case would have been silenced on the first rumor that Colt and Molly ran away together and were alive and well in Wichita Falls, Texas.

Independent of my admiration for Paula and Misty I felt this overwhelming sadness for them- how do you move on when a loved one goes missing and there are no answers? It was heartbreaking and inspirational to meet Paula and Misty they are exactly what everyone hopes they would be if a loved one went missing; champions for justice. What we don’t expect is for someone like Paula or Misty to be a target for ridicule which is when my blood starts boiling. Paula and Misty have dedicated their lives to finding their cousin and because of them they have not allowed anyone to forget what happened to those two KIDS.

The biggest issue I have with this case is that people forget that Molly and Colt were kids, just 17 and 21 years old with their whole lives ahead of them and someone just took that away from them without a thought. The perpetrator or perpetrators were hopeful that the case would just go away and be chalked up to “two druggies who ran off together”. It’s no secret that Oklahoma has been ravaged by a methamphetamine epidemic but does being on drugs make you less of a person? Does it mean your life is not worth the same as everyone else? Absolutely not.

Paula has heard it all…everything you can think of over the years, most importantly- why are you doing this instead of Molly’s mother? I have met Molly’s mother and she is shy with a complicated past. In my first meeting with her it was obvious to me that she could not handle the pressure of the media or dealing with law enforcement. It is no surprise to anyone who knows Molly’s mother that she would have asked Paula to help her in the early days of the investigation…when they first realized that Molly was not coming home. Paula, without taking a breath, jumped right into the investigation, organizing her own searches, pushing law enforcement, finding her own witnesses doing everything imaginable to get to the bottom of it.

For a decade, Paula has been pushing people to do the right thing and tell the truth because there are people who know the truth- there always are in cases like this. There are thousands and thousands of pages of police reports and statements and information about this case, there are hours and hours of recordings, hours of work that we put into our podcast that dives into theories and witnesses and people who heard or saw something. Why didn’t this case get more national attention when Molly and Colt went missing? Molly was only 17 -years old and she is Native American. Which then begs the question- is that why this case didn’t get a lot of exposure in those early days? If Molly had been a college student with blonde hair and blue eyes would things have been different?

In the beginning, the local news reporters who I have spoken to were given information directly from Joe Russell who was the sheriff at the time. Russell stated to numerous news outlets that Molly and Colt were runaways and that they had gone to Wichita Falls, Texas. This rumor couldn’t have been further from the truth. In fact it took Joe Russell three weeks to get a written statement from Con Nipp about the incident and in that statement Con wrote that Molly and Colt were in Wichita Falls, TX. Molly and Colt were not in Wichita Falls, Texas and they were never seen or heard of again.

What happens in the first 24 hours of a missing person’s investigation is crucial to the outcome. We see it over and over again if law enforcement does not act swiftly the chances of finding the victims gets slimmer and slimmer. Which is why we strongly advocate for a federal agency to specialize only in missing person’s cases to lighten the burden on local law enforcement because many of them may not have the resources to investigate these cases. However, we do not believe that this is the reason sheriff Joe Russell did not act swiftly in this case. Molly was a minor and we do not understand why sweeping searches of the area by law enforcement and federal agencies were not conducted in the first several days of the investigation. The reasoning for this has always been a mystery. A rumor that the 17 year old minor ran off with a 21 year old boy to Wichita Falls, Texas does not substantiate throwing your arms in the air and saying well they are runaways nothing we can do. There is a lot of speculation as to why Joe Russell allegedly called off the search for the car in the high speed chase that night you can hear a lot of people discuss it on season 1 of the podcast.

Although James Con Nipp, the driver of the vehicle that Molly and Colt were in during the high speed chase on the night they disappeared, Con was never arrested for anything in connection with the disappearance of Molly and Colt. However, in 2014, Nipp was arrested for causing a high speed chase with law enforcement. Nipp only served 4 years of his ten year sentence. https://okoffender.doc.ok.gov .

When we went to Oklahoma to film the TV show, we went to the “burn pit” a location where Paula’s private investigator believes Molly and Colt were located. Multiple cadaver dogs hit on the area and Klein has a theory about what happened there. This location is across from the Nipp property and separated by a fence. While we were there, my camera woman Tarina, a former US Army photographer, nudged me and said “I think there’s a laser on us” and I looked up and saw the red dot roaming around above me. I followed the tree line and I saw him- someone was across the field staring right at me pointing a shotgun at me. If you watch the television show I say who it is but I’ll leave it for now. Why was someone pointing a shotgun with a laser at us? What are they trying to hide?

When I asked Con to interview for the television show he refused to answer any of my calls. When I asked him on text message to speak on his behalf to tell his side of the story he continued to refuse; which I never understood because if it were me and I was innocent I would be telling everyone and talking to anyone who would listen. I am not accusing Con of killing Molly or Colt we will leave that for a judge to figure out. What I do know is that that if I was the last person who was with Molly and Colt before they disappeared I would not be able to rest until I found them. I would have done everything in my power to help Molly and Colt’s family find my friends. Which is not what happened in this case. Ironically, Con and Molly are distant cousins which makes this story even more tragic. What kind of person just leaves his friends/relative in the woods all night and doesn’t get help? Or worse pretends it didn’t happen- which is what Con did when he was finally questioned by police. He said it never happened, he even went as far to say that he was home in bed all night. Hm. We have 911 recordings of law enforcement stating “It’s that Con Nipp again.” There may have been a lot of reasons why Con lied about the night of the car chase and didn’t spend the night searching for Molly and Colt but it’s not a good look no matter how you try to spin it.

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©Mug Shot Police Records James Con Nipp

According to multiple news reports, the Sheriff of Love County, Joe Russell, the man who allegedly called off the high speed chase the night Molly and Colt went missing and the man who allegedly told a news anchor that Molly and Colt were runaways, was forced to resign when the Grand Jury opened a case against him in 2016. Russell was accused of selling methamphetamines from his house and harboring a fugitive https://www.oklahoman.com/story/news/columns/2016/07/20/love-county-sheriff-joe-russell-arrested-after-investigation-into-drug-allegations/60662296007/ and https://kfor.com/news/former-oklahoma-sheriff-accepts-plea-deal-to-corruption-charge/ Incidentally, Joe Russell is also related to Con Nipp.

During filming of the TV show, we wanted to interview Joe Russell, to get a statement from him about the case but it was impossible to reach him on the phone so we went to Leon, OK where he was living on house arrest. Leon, Oklahoma has a population of 75 people if you can wrap your mind around that number, it is smaller than the population of some suburban neighborhoods. Everyone truly knows everyone here. Leon is also in the heart of tornado alley, surrounded by nothing much and connected by three dusty roads that wrap around a boneyard of cars. There are no sidewalks and there are no street lights. Main Street is just a cluster of broken down looking wooden houses, one is a market, the other is a bar. We pulled up in our SUVS and I could see folks peeking through the curtains to get a good look at us as we passed. Someone unleashed some Pit Bulls who chased the SUVS barking wildly as a signal for us to leave but they were promptly ignored. We kept our eyes peeled for Joe Russell. On our third trip around the block, we noticed a tall thin man coming out of a bar – he was hunched over and frail he certainly didn’t look like the photos we had imprinted in our brains of a man who looked like a character from the 80’s TV show the Dukes of Hazzard. https://amzn.to/43pHhmY (As an Amazon associate we make commission on qualifying purchases).

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We pull over and Payne Lindsay, the host of the television show (and the popular podcast) Up and Vanished, hops out of the car, walks right up to him and says ” Are you Joe Russell?” The guy says “Yeah, who are you?” Payne introduces himself, sticking out his hand but Russell ignores it and keeps chewing on his tobacco, eyeing Payne up and down. We are keeping our eyes on Russell’s hands, former FBI agent Maureen O’Connell is in the SUV behind us just in case there is trouble, but Joe doesn’t move he just keeps looking Payne up and down and occasionally flips a look in our direction.

We are holding our breath, having no idea what is going to go down. Payne says, “Do you have anything you want to say to the family of Molly Miller and Colt Haynes?” We all wait for the answer, a bubble of anxiety rolling over the car. Finally, Joe Russell smirks and yells, “FUCK THE FAMILY”. He turns his back on Payne and disappears into the bar. You can see this interaction in Episode 4 “Love County” of Up and Vanished https://amzn.to/3TirkdF (as an Amazon Associate we make commission on qualifying purchases) The cameramen and I are in complete shock- Fuck the family? What? I couldn’t believe that someone who had been in a position of authority- the former sheriff- the people who are elected to serve and protect citizens would say such a thing about a 17- year old girl and a 21- year old boy who were missing. Colt also became the father of a little boy before he disappeared. Fuck the family? Well, they say that your character is tested in these moments and this gave us a crystal clear indication as to who we were dealing with.

My mind was swirling with questions. What on earth was going on in this corner of America? After the show aired, the case had a little bit of resurgence and then once again fell into the abyss. No one was talking on the record but there were whispers of information and possible leads that people had heard. Tips started to pour in. We started getting phone calls and emails from people who had things to say but were too afraid to say them publicly for fear of retribution. Retribution? From who? We continued to talk to Paula and Misty wanting to help them in anyway that we could. After several years of discussions with Paula and Misty, Rob and I decided to start the podcast…Partners in True Crime. Season 1 was a deep dive into this case. As the show progressed, we started getting harassed and threatened and people came at us but we continued to search for the truth week after week allowing people the air time to speak without fear.

Jackie Bates reached out to us in November 2021 not long after the television show aired and he told us that he was an auxiliary police officer with the Ringland, OK police department. Jackie had his theories about the case and he had told Paula that he wanted to “help” in anyway that he could. I’m always skeptical of people who insert themselves into cold cases but after speaking to Jackie for hours and hours we were hopeful that he was sincere.

In 2014, Paula hired Philip Klein, a private investigator to look into the case. Phillip conducted interviews with hundreds of people and handed over all of the transcripts to Paula when he was finished. Paula and her family paid for his services and those documents belong to her. Paula put these documents onto a drop box that she kept organized with all the police statements, interviews, audio recordings of conversations with tipster, photos etc. The list is endless. When Jackie started talking to Paula, he gained her trust and Paula gave him access to the drop box, with the understanding that the information was not to be given out without her consent. Jackie agreed.

Jackie told us that his theory was that Molly and Colt died of exposure on the land where they allegedly jumped out of the car. There is just a little problem with this theory, it was summer and one of the hottest on record, and there are phone calls from both Colt and Molly’s phones the next day and we don’t know exactly where they jumped out of the car. Molly’s last phone call was at 9:45 a.m. the next day. Furthermore, the car is always an issue for me and for Jodi a former law enforcement agent who has helped us sort through this case. The car that Con was driving during the high speed chase belonged to his ex-girlfriend Sabrina, and it took two weeks for law enforcement to “find the car” which is illogical. Furthermore, they supposedly found the car on the day that Paula was conducting a search independent of law enforcement. It’s suspicious no matter how you slice it. The car was never processed correctly and there was no evidence found. Did Con really dump the car there or did he move it back there when Paula started sniffing around? When we were in Leon visiting Joe Russell there were boneyards of cars…in all shapes and sizes and in all forms it was junkyard city. He could have easily have kept the car there and then moved it back when it was convenient. Just a theory but it’s a possibility.

Either way, Jackie attempted to get a search warrant for this land but was unsuccessful in doing so. Shortly after Jackie’s episode aired, I was then contacted by former District Attorney Gary Henry on Facebook. Gary Henry is a lawyer and he also claimed that he wanted to “help” and asked to come on the podcast. After deliberating this with Paula, Misty and our sources, we agreed and Gary asked if he could see the search warrant that Jackie prepared and Jackie agreed to let him see it. Gary Henry did not tell us at this time that he was representing the Nipp family as their lawyer. It wasn’t until we had Colt’s cousin Amber on the podcast that Gary Henry sent a text to Rob stating “Rob, I know I have been coming off as an ass lately but it was intentional. I’m pissed…. Just so you know I now represent Con Nipp, I didn’t before until you had Amber Nicole on to attack me a funny thing happened. The first to reach out to me was Joe Russell another innocent man who has been railroaded in this case. Then the Nipp family reached out and then Con asked for my representation. Just so you know I am doing all of this pro bono. As if he was on the moral high ground and his accusation that we were getting paid to do the podcast which is ridiculous- everyone who has a podcast knows that it is a labor of love for many years before you see one cent. Irregardless we found the text offensive and underhanded and we started to dig into his background which is scarred with sexual harassment lawsuits, misconduct, financial misconduct etc… it quickly became clear that Gary Henry’s background is similar to the reputation of his “clients”.

In November 2022, together with former FBI agents and law enforcement officials, we organized a search for the remains of Molly Miller and Colt Haynes at BattleSprings Ranch. (Thank you Toby Thomas!) Unfortunately, the search did not yield the results that we had hoped for but we continued to dig into the tips and the information that we have received to try and find some answers. We invited Jackie to come to the excavation site while we were there and he claimed that he knew where Molly and Colt were and that he had knowledge of who was responsible. You can watch the excavation on www.partnersintruecrime.com.

On November 4, 2022, just days before we left for the excavation, we received an email from Gary Henry demanding that we “Step Down” from doing the podcast and stop pointing the finger at Colby Barrick and his clients James Conn Nipp, former sheriff Joe Russell. Three names that have been attached to this case from the beginning and were featured in various media reports, police reports and eyewitness testimony. We have never stated that Colby Barrick, Con Nipp or Joe Russell were responsible for the murders of Molly Miller and Colt Haynes we have only reported on the public information that exists through police reports, statements and interviews with tipsters who have contacted us.

Shortly after we received this email, Jackie began honing in on Colt’s brother JESSE HAYNES as the perpetrator screaming about a love triangle theory even though it does not have any legs in reality.

Jesse only came into the picture as a possible suspect when Jackie became involved. Jackie and Gary’s theory is rooted in the plot of a soap opera, they claim that Jesse’s ex-girlfriend Geralyn had an affair with Colt and this was Jesse’s motive for killing his brother (There’s no real mention about what the motive was to harm Molly, she’s barely mentioned in their theory.) If you listen to Jesse’s interview Episode 47 of Partners in True Crime you can hear how Jackie fed this narrative to Jesse. The fact is that Geralyn has never been listed in any of the police reports, and not one person in the ten thousand pages of witness statements has mentioned Jesse as a possible suspect, nor has anyone mentioned that Geralyn and Colt had an affair until now. The affair theory is ridiculous.

In 2020, Jackie Bates claims that Geralyn began pointing the finger at Jesse because she had sex with Colt and Jesse was jealous. At the time that Colt went missing he was 21 years old and Geralyn was approximately 37 years old. Colt had several girlfriends at the time including Molly and he had just had a baby with Cady. Why did she wait until 2020 to mention anything about this? It does seem that Geralyn has had her own issues to contend with over the years. https://www1.odcr.com/results.

I interviewed Jesse Haynes for the television show and he never mentioned his relationship with Geralyn once. He did mention another woman’s name to me who had his heart and he hoped to win her back but it wasn’t Geralyn.

However, the Love Triangle is a very interesting theory not with Geralyn, Colt and Jesse… but rather Con, Colt and Cady. Conn dated a girl named Cady for several years before Cady became involved with Colt and then had Colt’s baby. If you want to go with the love affair triangle theory this seems the most plausible since Colt was with Con the night he disappeared. We have interviewed Cady many times and she consistently stated that Con was furious that she was with Colt. Several witnesses also stated that Con had threatened Colt many times which is why we were confused as to why Con and Colt were hanging out together. It seems that this group of friends and family threaten one another, make up and then threaten one another again. We also have many many statements from witnesses who claim that there was a lot of tension between Colt and Conn over Cady. Then, we throw Molly into the mix. Molly had only recently met Colt in the weeks before they went missing but Molly and Con had known each other most of their lives. We have statements stating that Molly and Colt were definitely romantically involved at the time. There has also been speculation that Con was jealous of Colt because of Molly.

Does that mean that Con killed Colt? No, it does not just as it does not mean that Jesse killed his brother over a possible affair between Geralyn and his younger brother of which there is zero substantiated evidence. However, Jackie Bates and Gary Henry have hung their entire theory on Jesse and they even wrote an elaborate scenario of how Jesse killed Colt with pictures of how to perform a choke hold. It seems that they want to blame Jesse because he has had a serious methamphetamine addiction that he has been struggling with over the years and it takes the heat off of other possible suspects. It’s incredible gaslighting and it’s ironic because the entire premise is resting on how people should not point the finger at Con Nipp or Colby Barrick but yet they point the finger at Jesse.

Either way the theory of Jesse being involved in this does not substantiate itself. We do not believe that Jesse has anything to do with this and his name has never been attached to any of the players until Jackie Bates and Gary Henry became involved. To perpetuate his theory further, Jackie took a phone recording of Paula and Jesse’s sister Monique and twisted the words of that recording to fit his narrative. If Jesse’s sister Monique really believed her brother Jesse had anything to do with Colt’s disappearance then she should have gone to the police in the early days of the investigation and wrote a statement like Con’s sister Mikayla wrote about Con: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/fk9bszclftowyckiigfod/IMG_8941.JPG?rlkey=3eygjbbapfts8rk6ljahkr5jc&dl=0 but Monique never went to the police or made any statements about Jesse.

Jesse Haynes was arrested in February 2022 for possession of a fire arm, methamphetamines and theft. https://okoffender.doc.ok.govJesse Haynes has not been charged with any crime in connection to the disappearance of Molly and Colt. I repeat, Jesse Haynes has NOT been charged with any crime in connection to the disappearance of Molly and Colt despite. However, the blog put out by Jackie Bates an auxiliary police officer with the Ringling, Oklahoma Police Department and Gary Henry, the lawyer for the Nipp family and Joe Russell, clearly points the finger at Jesse as the perpetrator. Where is the justice in that? If Gary Henry does not want his clients wrongfully accused then why are they accusing someone else with hearsay?

After Jesse’s arrest in which Jackie Bates played a large part, Jackie and Gary wrote a blog they ironically called “The Truth-405”. The majority of information in that blog was taken by Jackie Bates from Paula Fielder’s dropbox without her consent and given to Gary Henry to use as sources. Gary Henry makes several references and quotes to documents that were given to Ms. Fielder by her private investigator Phillip Klein. Gary Henry and Jackie also transcribed private recordings that Paula made of her conversations with various people including Monique, Jesse’s sister. All of those files are the property of Ms. Fielder. When Jackie Bates injected himself into this case proclaiming that he was trying to help, Ms. Fielder trusted him and she gave him access to the dropbox that housed those files in addition to a variety of police reports, audio recordings, statements and other information regarding the case with the caveat that the information was for his eyes only.

Without the prior consent of Ms. Fielder, Mr. Bates downloaded the files from the dropbox and handed that information over to Gary Henry, the lawyer who is representing the Nipp family. According to a variety of sources, Bates and Henry have declared their intention to use that material to write a book which again unethical considering that they did not have permission to use that material for public consumption or monetary gain and Gary Henry is representing the Nipp Family and Joe Russell which would appear to be a conflict of interest wouldn’t it?

Currently, the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the MMU (Murdered Missing Person’s Unit) are handling the investigation. The authors of the blog the “Truth” seem to believe that their hearsay is more indicative of the truth than all the other hearsay in this case which is absurd. If the case had been investigated properly in the beginning by the former sheriff of love county Joe Russell then we would not be having this discussion today. One has to wonder why the investigation was so botched from the get go? What happened? Why wasn’t it investigated properly? If there was nothing to hide then why wasn’t Con arrested on the night of the chase? According to the 911 calls, they clearly state that they know it is Con Nipp- so why wasn’t he arrested that night along with Molly and Colt for evading the law? Had they been they would have been safely in a jail cell instead of out in the woods all night.

In the blog “the Truth” here are dozens of exaggerations and statements that are misleading including the title “the truth”- this blog is not the truth it is one auxiliary police officers “opinion” who has aligned himself with the lawyer of the family who has been under the spotlight from day one and all it has done is cause more confusion in this case. The finger pointing at Ms. Fielder stating using her Facebook page to further their narrative is abhorrent, and the finger pointing at Jesse Haynes a FAMILY MEMBER of Colt Haynes is also abhorrent without sufficient evidence.

Part 1 of Jesse Hayne’s interview aired last week. Episode 47 of Partners in True Crime Who Killed Molly Miller and Colt Haynes http://www.partnersintruecrime.com. If you subscribe to our website for free you will get weekly updates.

On March 1, 2024 the Oklahoma Oversight Committee wrote a blog post about Gary Henry and Jackie Bates. We are not affiliated with this organization and we do not know who wrote the article but it is quite thorough and cites multiple sources to back up their claims. It is definitely worth the read. https://oklahomaoversight.substack.com.

What we do know is that Con Nipp was in the car with Molly and Colt during the high speed chase on the night that they disappeared. If Con does not know what happened to them or where they are then he should publicly say so. The truth will eventually reveal itself independent of all of this bluster. We are investigative journalists and will continue to work on finding the truth and on Feb. 28, 2024 we released Episode 47 of Who Killed Molly Miller and Colt Haynes: JESSE SPEAKS PART 1.


If you do have any information regarding the disappearance of Molly Miller and Colt Haynes please contact the BIA: email: OJS_MMU@bia.gov, or call 1-833-560-2065.

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